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The Beginning of every great dog starts in the whelping box. We take great pride in bringing you the top Breeders in the sport of dogs, here you will be able to search our Breeder database by Breed, Location, Health Clearances and National Registry. Also on this page you will find Breeder Classifieds for Litter Announcements, Puppies and older dogs available, and our in depth Stud Dog Directory.



While Breeders start the process by producing such great animals the next most important person is the Owner. Owners have the daily task of preparing the dog for the future and in most recent times have the ability to compete in Owner-Handler events. Here Owners can post their recent wins as well as see a list of Mentors available in their breed or location.



Some Dogs just have the IT factor and need a seasoned pro for the big wins, In this section you will be able to search the Handlers by location, associations they belong to, or services they provide. This page also hosts a Handler Classified in which they can post handling classes, clinics, seminars and events as well as Help Wanted ads.



The next generation of our sport depends on how we prepare the youth of today. Here we allow Juniors to post brags of their recent wins and search available junior dogs.



There are so many things we provide our dogs! Here is the place to find Equipment, Products, Services, Everything you need for the ring, and more. On this page you will also find our Art Gallery from around the world.



Here you can search the Clubs by location, breed, or venue. There is also a Club Classified section in which they can advertise upcoming classes, clinics, shows, trials, seminars and many more events.



The sport wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the thrill of the competition. With that in mind every day is a different show mainly because the judges interpretation of the standard is that of their own. On this page you will see our Judges Directory which focuses on who they are and what makes them pick a winner.


Breed Rescue Groups

Sometimes even the best homes have a change in the ability to care for the dog. While most breeders will take back a dog at anytime other dogs are not so fortunate. Here we focus on the Breed Rescue groups and allow them to show off available puppies/dogs, ask for Fosters/transports and post upcoming Fundraisers/events.


Winners Gallery

Let’s see some dogs! Here you can post a brag of recent wins, show videos, and see our Gallery of Best in Show and National Winners.


Social Media

This page will host our Live Facebook feed and the latest podcasts from PureDogTalk with Host Laura Reeves. Be sure to tune in and see what contests and events we have coming up.



Times have changed and while we can all disagree on who has the best dog we can all agree that social media, legislature, and economy has changed the sport. We need to come together! On this page you can participate in the Forum, Live Chat Rooms, or Build a Major.



Want to join our listings and get your name out there? Here you will find a list of everything we offer and the submission forms.

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